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  Quality Assurance
  Dry Running Seal
  For Top Entry Agitators, Vessels and Mixers
Single Acting, Independent of Direction of Rotation
    Agitator Seals
  Mechanical Seal Series 88B2A/DG
  Standard Style:
  Face Materials :
Carbon / Silicon Carbide
Metal Parts :
SS 316, SS 304, Hastelloy - C,
Hastelloy - B, Monel, Alloy - 20
Secondary Seal :
Elastomers, TCV

Food Products
Pharmaceutical Products
  Seal Characteristics:
Single acting
Reverse Balanced
Outside Mounted
Independent of Direction of rotation
Dry Running
  Operating Limits:
  Shaft Diameter d : 15 ...150mm*
  Pressure p : Vacuum .... 8 bar (max)
  Temperature t : Amb. .... 120O C (max)
  Speed n : 320 rpm
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  Series 88B2A/DG is factory assembled & dynamically tested seal for steel, glass lined and SS mixers, agitator & vessels. This is a multiple spring externally mounted, reverse balanced seal with O-ring as secondary sealing member. Various elastomers can be offered for wide service application. These seals are basically used on top entry agitators as dry running seals. When food products or pharmaceutical products are agitated in agitator, mixing of any other liquid will contaminate the product & affect its quality, hence these dry running seals are used. These seals don’t require any external media for lubricating the faces, that is why they are known as dry running seals.
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