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  Quality Assurance
  Grafoil Products
Brand Flexible Graphite
  Product Range
Self Sealing Rings
Bonnet Sealing Rings
Hard Packing (HD) and Soft Packing (SD)
Metal Inserted Gaskets
Wire Mesh Inserted Gaskets
Spiral Wound Gaskets
Oblique Cut Grafoil Gaskets
Grafoil Tapes
  Operating Limits
Temperature -200 … +3000 degree C
Pressure up to 10,000 psi
Chemical pH 0-14
Vacuum 28" Hg.

Most conventional sealing products have properties that limit their use, they fail prematurely in hostile environments …….. Just a brief spell of service, and some gaskets and packing look much the worse for wear; corroded; deformed; brittle and degraded. In short, a total write-off. But why?

  • Because the material isn't chemically resistant - hence corrosion.
  • Because the material isn't adequately resistant to pressure - hence deformation.
  • Because the binders in the gasket material decompose and harden- hence embrittlement.
  • Because the material undergoes changes over a period of time- hence degradation.
  Operating Limits
  You Can't effect a good sealing out of bad material
  • GRAFOIL is pure natural graphite. No fillers and no binders, nothing to leach out or harden. Grafoil gaskets and gland packing therefore, last indefinitely in virtually any fluid sealing application. What's more, it's free from corrosion, flow, embrittlement and ageing. This means that gaskets and gland packing mode from GRAFOIL can perform successfully even under extreme conditions.
  • They withstand temperatures from -200degree C to 1850degree C (or as high as 3000degree C in the absence of oxygen).
  • They're resistant to nearly all aggressive media, such as highly concentrated acids, solvents and hot oils.
  • They are resilient across the entire temperature range for any length of time.
  • They're not susceptible to cold or hot flow at upto the highest permitted surface pressure.
  • They're unaffected by radiation and are recommended for use in nuclear power stations.
  • They're permitted for use in conjunction with oxygen.
  • They're physiologically inert.
  • Together with the material's ideal compression/resilience behaviour, these properties enable the gaskets to be employed even for most difficult applications:
  • Completely unaffected by fatigue, the gaskets cope perfectly with changes in stress due to frequent hot/cold cycles, as well as with pressure fluctuations and vibration.
  • Flange distortions are reliably compensated for.
  • Large or complicated gaskets can be simply assembled from segments; the butt joints are totally impermeable.
One Material Shaped To Your Fluid Sealing Needs.

Grafoil is available in a variety of forms for versatile maintenance and OEM applications.

  • as Ribbon Packing Tape for making endless packing rings 'in situ' within the stuffing box of any valve or pump, any size and in any service.
  • as endless or split gland packing rings and self sealing rings.
  • as cut gaskets to suit specific requirements of pipe flange gaskets, bonnet gaskets, sight gauge glass gaskets etc.
  • as self adhesive gasket tape for easy handlay gaskets for flanges, pressure vesseles, heat exchangers etc.
  • as pipe thread sealants.


  • Maximum Sealability
  • Absolute Reliability
  • No Fluid losses
  • Negligible Downtime
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Enhanced Plant Safety
  • long Service Life
  • Minimal Maintenance
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